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Q:  What is Lacrosse?

A:  Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in North America.  It is based on the games played by various indigenous groups of North America.

Q:  Who plays Lacrosse?

A:  Lacrosse is played by girls and boys in grades K-12.  There are many club teams for players younger than high school aged.  Franklin Regional Youth Lacrosse (FRYLAX) is an established, long standing program.

Q:  Is FRYLAX just for residents of the Franklin Regional School District?

A:  It is not, since we are a club, we gladly accept boys and girls from all surrounding communities.  The goal of the club is to bring the thrill of Lacrosse to anyone who would like to experience the sport.

QAre there co-ed teams, or are they gender specific?

A:  While the basic premise of the sport is the same, there are differences in equipment and rules.  Therefore, girls and boys do not play on the same teams.

Q:  When is the season and how long does it last?

A:  The actual season runs from March 1 through approximately Memorial Day.   However, FRYLAX strives to provide activities on a year round basis.

Q:  My child currently plays other sports, will he or she have difficulties picking up Lacrosse?

AAbsolutely not!  Lacrosse combines the skills acquired in baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball, and football to create an exciting alternative or addition to the traditional sports played in the area.

Q:  I hear that Lacrosse is expensive, is that true?

A:  Lacrosse fees vary, but the goal of FRYLAX is to provide value for the cost.  We do that by having paid, experienced coaches that have many years of Lacrosse experience, knowledge and are certified by US Lacrosse.  We welcome parents who want to become coaches to step up to assist, but it is this professional coaching that provides the value.